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What is an ESVISA?

If you are not a citizen and want to voluntarily settle in Verdis, you must apply for an Early Settler Visa (ESVISA). This type of visa is only available until December 2023 and is valid for one year (extendable). ESVISA allows early settlers to apply to obtain citizenship within a month of settling in Verdis as long as they arrive in Verdis before the 30th October 2023.

If you are accepted, you will be allowed to settle in Verdis from the 11 October 2023 once you have signed the numerous forms including an injury waiver. Your ESVISA will not be valid until you sign these forms.

When submitting your application, you must pay a 2 Euro processing fee. This fee cannot be refunded if your application is declined, so you must ensure it is well-written and detailed.

If you are already a citizen, you must declare that you will be entering Verdis by contacting

If you have any questions, contact for assistance.

Border Entry Laws of the Free Republic of Verdis

Article 1: General Principles

  1. All individuals entering the Free Republic of Verdis must adhere to these border entry laws and regulations.
  2. The Free Republic of Verdis reserves the right to enforce its laws and regulations to ensure the safety, security, and well-being of its citizens and visitors.

Article 2: Visa Requirements

  1. Visitors from countries not included in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) must obtain a valid visa before entering Verdis.
  2. Applicants must provide necessary documentation, including the purpose of their visit, duration of stay, and financial means of support.

Article 3: Visa Waiver Program (VWP)

  1. Verdis may establish a Visa Waiver Program for citizens of certain countries. Citizens of VWP-designated countries may enter Verdis for a limited duration without a visa for tourism or short-term business purposes.
  2. VWP visitors must meet specific eligibility criteria and obtain an electronic travel authorization before boarding.

Article 4: Entry Ports and Immigration Control

  1. Entry into Verdis shall only be allowed through designated ports of entry, including ports and land border crossings.
  2. All individuals entering Verdis shall be subject to immigration control by Verdis Customs and Immigration officials.

Article 5: Passport and Identification

  1. All visitors must possess a valid passport with a minimum of six months’ validity beyond their intended departure date from Verdis.
  2. Verdis accepts Croatian and Serbian national identification cards as legal cross-border documents.

Article 6: Health and Vaccination

  1. Visitors may be required to provide proof of vaccination against specific diseases as determined by Verdis health authorities.
  2. Those with contagious diseases or illnesses that pose a public health risk may be denied entry.

Article 7: Criminal Records and Security Checks

  1. Individuals with criminal records, pending legal actions, or connections to terrorist organizations may be denied entry.
  2. Verdis reserves the right to conduct security checks on all visitors through appropriate databases.

Article 8: Duration of Stay and Extensions

  1. Visitors shall be granted a specified duration of stay upon entry, as determined by their visa or travel authorization.
  2. Extensions of stay may be granted under exceptional circumstances, subject to applicable regulations.

Article 9: Prohibited Items

  1. Visitors are prohibited from carrying illegal drugs, weapons, hazardous materials, and items that may endanger public safety or health.
  2. Import restrictions on certain items, including cultural artifacts, may be enforced.

Article 10: Reporting Changes and Departure

  1. Visitors with changes to their initial purpose of visit, place of residence, or contact information must report such changes to Verdis authorities.
  2. Departing visitors must adhere to customs procedures and declare any items subject to customs duties or restrictions.

Article 11: Enforcement and Penalties

  1. Violation of these border entry laws may lead to penalties, fines, deportation, or denial of entry.
  2. Verdis authorities may refuse entry to individuals who do not meet the specified criteria.